Terms And Conditions For Puppy Sale


Threevalleys Gundogs have taken every care with breeding, rearing, and the welfare of your puppy. The puppy has been vet checked, is believed to be in good health and sold subject to it being understood that as a living creature it is impossible to predict how it will continue to develop, especially as regards behaviour over which you will have the principal influence. The purchaser(s) is strongly advised to take the puppy to their vets, soon after purchase, for a general check and advice on inoculations and worming. It is always useful to establish a relationship with your vet at this stage. This check and any tests or examinations associated with it must be at your expense.


If your veterinary surgeon finds any problem which, in his their opinion, renders the puppy unfit for sale, Threevalleys Gundogs will take the puppy back and refund the full purchase price on condition that the puppy is returned within 3 days of purchase and is in the same state of health as when it was sold. Before purchase you should consider the puppy as a living thing which will become a much loved member of the family in a very short time, and this may effect what you wish to do if return of the puppy becomes necessary. After drawing your attention to this possibility, we can not be held responsible for any distress caused to you and your family by return of the puppy. Before purchase, we recommend that you consult your veterinary surgeon about this breed and any possible diseases, genetic or otherwise, to which it is prone, and you accept that I, the breeder, can not be held responsible if such a disease develops later in life; after a satisfactory preliminary examination by your veterinary surgeon.


Although any description of the puppy as being show or trial quality is given in good faith, it is a condition of this sale that no warranty can be given as to the ultimate show / working / field trial or breeding potential on maturity of the dog.


Threevalleys puppies are endorsed by the kennel club with the following restrictions X and R. R = Progeny not for registration and X = Not for the issue of an export pedigree. Endorsements can only be lifted by the person who places them and will only be removed in compliance with the following conditions. It is understood that we have sole discretion on lifting these restrictions. • The dog or bitch is deemed suitable breeding quality. • The dog or bitch has proven themselves in the working / trial / show or agility sphere. • In case of a bitch, she is aged 2 years or above. • The dog or bitch is hip and elbow scored with the BVA and gains a score below the breed average at time of mating. • The dog or bitch is eye tested and is free from hereditary defects. • Any prospective mate must comply with the above conditions. • Threevalleys Gundogs has principal input on what stud is used. • In case of a bitch, she will have no more than 2 litters. • The dog/bitch has to be mated to an Optigen clear dog if the dog/bitch is a carrier itself. It is agreed that by signing this contract that breeding from your dog/bitch with restrictions on your dog/bitches pedigree is in breach of the contract, your dog/bitch shall and won’t be breed from without our written consent. It is morally and ethically wrong to breed from you dog/bitch and not register them with the Kennel club, no other dog registering bodies can be used.


As the owner, it is your sole responsibility to insure your dog. It is strongly recommend you have this in place prior to purchase. You have been provided with 4 weeks free insurance with your dog with Pet Plan, we strongly advice you continue with this policy. As soon as the dog is in your care it becomes impossible for Threevalleys Gundogs to be liable for a dog of which we have no control.


Should your circumstances change in the future and you become unable to keep your Labrador Retriever, Threevalleys Gundogs will be the first to be informed and the Purchaser(s) will, if the Breeder requests, return the dog to the breeder. In this case no reimbursement will be offered as priority will be given to finding your Labrador Retriever a loving new home.


A £200.00 deposit is required to secure your puppy, this in non-refundable. The outstanding balance is due on collection of puppy.